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Catalog Company(3) Produce(41) Vegetables(29)

  VEGETABLES  29 Items   Displaying 1 - 29
Peppers Yellow or Orange : Organic From
Peppers Yellow or Orange Eleven Pounds per Box
The Market | Vegetables
Green Beans French : Organic From
Green Beans French
October Weekly SALES | ThanksGiving | The Market | Vegetables
Tomatoes Heirloom : Organic From
Tomatoes Heirloom
Cabbage-Green : Organic From
Eggplant : Organic From
NEW ITEMS | LocalFarms | Vegetables
Local Radishes Assorted : Organic with a possibility not Certified
Local Radishes Assorted
Artichokes Globe : Organic From
Artichokes Globe
Peas Snow : Organic From
Peas Snow
October Weekly SALES | ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Squash Butternut : Organic From
Squash Butternut
Tomato Cherry or Grape : Organic From
Tomato Cherry or Grape Twelve per Box
Cabbage Red : Organic From
Cabbage Red
Fennel Anise : Organic From
Fennel Anise Twelve per Box
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Asparagus : Organic From
Asparagus Eleven Pounds per Box
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Broccoli : Organic From
Broccoli Fourteen Bunches to a case
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Carrots : Organic From
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Parsnip : Organic From
Parsnip Twenty-five pound bag
Squash Zucchini : Organic From
Squash Zucchini Twenty-Two pounds per case usually.
Beets Without Tops : Organic From
Beets Without Tops Twenty-Five pounds per Bag
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Squash Kabocha : Organic From
Squash Kabocha
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Tomato Large : Organic From
Tomato Large
Peas Snap : Organic From
Peas Snap
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Celery : Organic From
Celery Twenty Four, Thirty, Thirty-six
October Weekly SALES | ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Squash Acorn : Organic From
Squash Acorn If you desire more than two acorns, change qty to the amount you desire
Peppers Red : Organic From
Peppers Red Eleven Pounds per Box
Peppers Mix Bag : Organic From
Peppers Mix Bag A minimum of two colors and hopefully three and maybe even four.

Red, Yellow, Green and or Orange

October Weekly SALES | ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Sprouts Brussel : Organic From
Sprouts Brussel Loose 10 or 25 pounds
12 x12
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Peppers Green : Organic From
Peppers Green Fifteen or twenty five Pounds per Box
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Green Beans : Organic From
Green Beans Ten pounds, Twenty five
Bagged twelve ounces, sixteen ounces
ThanksGiving | Vegetables
Cauliflower : Organic From
Cauliflower Nine, Twelve, Sixteen
  VEGETABLES  29 Items   Displaying 1 - 29
Catalog Company(3) Produce(41) Vegetables(29)

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