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How Do I Benefit from joining
Proud Grocer's Buying Club?
  • You get to purchase high quality natural and organic foods and products
  • You save money because the buying club buys directly from farms and organizations that specialize organic and healthy products.
  • You save money because you are joining other members to buy products in bulk.
  • You become part of a system that purchases enough food for the club so there is no food thrown out at the end of the week.
  • You can participate in providing food for our local food pantry.
  • You get to shop with other people with a similar passion for organic sources and healthy food choices.
  • You get to support organic farmers on the East End.
  • You get to purchase your food from a local business who cares about the East End community.
  • You get to learn more about natural food, healthy nutrition, and cooking
What is the purpose of a Buying Club?
  • Coordinate our food buying so as to be able to get the best food at the best prices
  • Create a community of people with shared values
  • Experience the pleasures and challenges of working together
  • Participate in the world-wide buying club movement
  • Promote organic agriculture and environmentally responsible technology and products by informed buying
  • Educate others in our community about, organic agriculture, environmentally responsible consumerism, educate ourselves by sharing our skills and knowledge with each other
  • Strengthen our sense of community by organizing other activities such as potluck dinners, parties, community service projects
Are there fees for being a member of the buying club?
  • Yes, all members pay the same fees depending on what they are purchasing.
What are the fees?
  • For products purchased through UNFI (United Natural Foods Incorporated), which is the largest food buying distributor in the country, you do pay a flat Fee $6.35 fee.  This would include products such as dry goods, beans, frozen items shampoo, laundry detergent, vitamins, etc.
  • For produce
  • All members are charged an administration fee of 2 1/2 percent on all produce orders.
Can I pay for my food with a credit card
  • Yes,  however, there is a charge for use of the card, which is 3 percent of the total.
When can I pick up my food?
  • Ordering deadline for all food is Monday at noon.  Any orders afternoon cannot be guaranteed.
  • Food is usually ready for pickup on Tuesday.  You will receive a text of call when it is ready.
What if I can't pick up my food on Tuesday?
  • Howard would be happy to make an arrangement to meet your schedule.
Where do I pick up my food?
  • All food is picked up at 8 Stratton Square, East Hampton, NY.  Please park in the driveway.  The pick up area is in the building at the back of the driveway on the left.

Catalog Company(3) Information(5)

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